Forget what good looks like; what does marvellous look like?

It is always great to have someone on your team who knows what good looks like, and it is a feature of high performing teams that they always seek to deliver to that standard.

However, sometimes merely concentrating on what good looks like focuses the mind too much on small increments and short term thinking.

There is nothing wrong with this; but it is both energising and revealing, once every so often, to completely loosen the shackles and consider what a truly marvellous result would look like for any particular endeavour. Something so far beyond good that it almost feels ridiculous.

The trick is for people not to focus on the obstacles to achieving something marvellous until every drop has been squeezed out describing what marvellous would look like and feel like.

Then, and only then, should we look at the impediments, as a group.

If we're smart, and we create the right atmosphere, we just might be able to knock most of them down.

And something marvellous, that we might have thought was out of reach, just might be within our grasp.