Your best is probably good enough

 Think back on your life. For a minute, forget about all of your setbacks and failures and think about the victories you have enjoyed.

Remember learning to ride a bike? That time you won the spelling bee competition? The award for creative writing at school? That silver medal in running? The team medal for football? The highly commended art drawing? The time someone called you their dear friend and said "what would I do without you?" The time a client singled you out for specific praise? When she said "yes"? When you became a parent?

Now think about the setbacks you met on the way to those victories.

When you think about it, our lives are spent moving from victory to victory.

And, if you frame it that way, the setbacks are just bumps on the road as we move to the next victory.

Normally, if you do your best, and stay the course, your best will be good enough to put the next victory within reach.